Welcome to All College Students in Mongolia:


I am writing to all Mongolian students who want to pursue post- secondary studies in business, interior design or graphic design and to those who wish to improve their communications skills in English.  Studying at the college level is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  Your time in college is precious and determines your future career path and your future success.  You have had success in your high school studies and you are about to undertake a three year Bachelor Degree which is a major commitment.  I applaud you on your success to date.

I am very hopeful that you will choose Raffles Institute Mongolia as your home for the next three years.  You will be studying one of our three highly relevant bachelor degree programs in either business, interior design or graphic design.  You will earn two qualifications during your studies at Raffles Institute Mongolia including an Advanced Diploma recognition from Singapore and a Bachelor Degree BSc from Northumbria University in the United Kingdom.  Northumbria University is part of Newcastle University in Newcastle, England.   Northumbria is one of the top universities in England.

Throughout your studies at Raffles Institute Mongolia you will study core courses and major courses that will make you practitioners in your field.  You will study in English which will allow you to become a professional in your field of business, interior design or graphic design in English.  The skills you will learn are highly transferable which means you will be able to compete in an ever globalizing world economy.

As Raffles enters its twelfth year in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia we are continuing to be the premier education provider in Mongolia and in Asia.  You will receive a premium education in your chosen field of study.

Thank you for studying with us at Raffles.  Our international faculty and Mongolian management team are here for your education needs and we are 100% dedicated to your advancement as you progress though one of our Bachelor Degree programs.



Sim Chong Jin Vernon

College Director

Raffles Institute Mongolia